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When Did You Last See My Mother?

Trafalgar Studios 2


‘The Nicky Bunch designed flat boasts all of the grungy hallmarks of a student dive such as artfully strewn clothing and festering plates of half-eaten and long forgotten meals’
British Theatre Guide


‘Her production is rooted very much in a particular time with Nicky Bunch’s detailed set recreating the boys’ 1960s bedsit’

Exuent magazine



Playboy of the Western World

UK Tour


‘Nicky Bunch’s cleverly designed set’

The Stage



River Lane

Eastern Angles


‘Nicky Bunch has a sharp eye for the fashions of this period and the sense of authenticity is spot-on.’




Egusi Soup

UK Tour


‘There's a splendid set by Nicky Bunch, showing three rooms of the house and all the clutter of holiday preparation’






Theatre 503


‘Beneath a canopy of trees, in the secluded clearing of Nicky Bunch’s inviting set’

The Stage


‘Its a little like the garden of Eden; the vegetation is lush, a giant sun beams down’

The Times



Dark Earth

Eastern Angles


‘Nicky Bunch's sparsely suggestive set with puppet birds and beasts, creating stunning physical images, including a sparkling winter skating celebration and terrifying river in spate’

The Observer



The Lower Depths

Finborough Theatre


Nicky bunch’s atmospheric set

The Telegraph


Nicky Bunch's excellent, atmospheric design.

The Times


Nicky Bunch’s design is meticulously realised

Time Out


Why Cant We Live Together?

Theatre 503


‘Performer Hyde lies (well, stands) in a hospital bed on end, in a cunning design by Nicky Bunch. This really is a lot of fun.’

Evening Standard




Coventry Belgrade


‘The grayscale setting of his living room (aptly designed by Nicky Bunch) Pathetic Fallacy  was used by the objects around the set to assist Conway’s emotion. Furthermore, three pieces of artwork, by Juan Munoz, that feature in the show are incredible tools.’




Guys & Dolls

Cambridge Arts Theatre


‘Nicky Bunch’s angled and flexible set.’





Riverside Studios


‘We enter a smoky bar with weathered walls and dirty carpets in an atmosphere created with stunning verisimilitude by Nicky Bunch.’


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